The VITROSEP Glass Particle Separator separates all particle sizes, guaranteeing clean water and producing dry waste. It works in a real closed circuit without water losses and ensuring great savings. Customers who choose VITROSEP water treatment see reduced costs in diamond tools, energy and maintenance. They have less unproductive time and their production processes are compatible with respect for the environment.

VITROSEP has a wide variety of separators that allow systems to be dimensioned to supply clean water according to the needs of the machinery connected to them. Since the dimensions of the production, the capacities of the water treatment and the installations are different for each company, the VITROSEP technicians design and manufacture the VITROSEP glass particle separator offering personalized attention.

CN 250


The separator CN250 with eight XL candles practically has a 70% more capacity than the conventional CN140 model.

It is suited for installations with several straight lines, numerical control machines and bilateral machines.
The versions 600 and 700 are fitted with one inverter-controlled pump and remote access for software updates and optimized operations. The version 700, also, guarantees extra-clean water supply for numerical control machines and some applications in the optical and automobile sector.

Technical Form