Here are the advantages of the VITROSEP System:

  • Closed circuit of water with coolantCIRCUIT OF WATER WITH COOLANT

    Minimized water and coolant consumptions.

  • Dry Waste

    Easy disposal. Reduction in water and coolant consumption.

  • Compact, flexible and modular solution

    Minimum space required. Automatic adaption to changing working conditions. The capacity can be easily increased.

  • Particles stay in suspension

    Prevents glass particle sedimentation on machines and pipes.

  • Completely clean water

    Can be used for internal cooling of the spindle of the CNC machines. The VITROSEP water is like the tap water, with the benefit of using coolant.

  • Results of working with clean water and coolant

    Better performance of the diamond tools.
    Durability of the diamond tools increased by up to 50%.
    Electric consumption of grinding machines reduced by up to 50%.
    Best efficiency in glass processing due to optimal working conditions.
    Cleaner machines. Lower maintenance cost.