Solutions for glass industries

VITROSEP was founded on 1992 with the aim of offering solutions for the water treatment in the glass and optical industries.

Since the beginning of the 90s, VITROSEP has been dedicated to the industrial sector, innovating and developing Glass Separators with the purpose of solving the problem of the dry waste.

Firstly it was not easy to find a solution. After a long way with a constant investigation the objective was achieved. It was developed a filtration technology.

During the last years VITROSEP has expanded significantly. Nowadays, it has customers around the world. The company has a manufacturing plant, a technical service and a supply of consumables, spare parts, accessories and upgrades to provide an optimal service and offer a quality technology.

VITROSEP aware that it is living in a constantly changing world, for this reason it offers its professionalism and experience to continue researching, providing a good service and getting a more profitable and environmentally friendly work.

Josep Sais - Director VITROSEP