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Testimonial of our customers


I have been in the glass business for 37 years. I've heard salesmen tell my boss that they have the "key to glass grinding removal" so often that I lost count. Every salesman was right to a certain degree, but at what cost? Many of these ideas came with an additional cost for flocculants, acid additives, powders, mixers, shakers, settling tanks, filters, frequent rebuilds, and a whole lot of frustration. Some of these ideas created more down-time than just cleaning a tank in the first place. Every time a new idea came through the door, we would listen and smile at each other, both of us thinking, "Here we go again!" My company was recently bought, and now I am the guy that these salesmen talk to when they come in. I humor them, and ask all the questions that I already know the answers to... until I met Michael Spellman from IGE and Josep Sais from Vitrosep. He answered my questions with: "You must see..." So after our meeting, we made arrangements to see several glass companies in Spain that were using his system. My eyes were opened. The simple phrase "You must see," spoke volumes. Every plant that we visited had no tanks that had to be cleaned. I did not see one machine down because of clogged water lines. The owners that I spoke with were very pleased because their men were producing product and not wasting time cleaning grindings or unnecessary maintenance. The savings that I have realized include: * longer wheel life * interior rubbers on the machines that do not get sediment build-up * presser pads that clean off with a rag (not an abrasive cloth) * no down time or frustration with employees taking their time cleaning the tanks * no corrosive metal flacking * no pH balancing I could go on and on. We are truly very happy with Josep's product and would buy it again without question. The most time in a day that I spend with this water treatment system is about 30 minutes combined, from start up in the morning, to shut down at night, including checking the monitor and emptying my grindings hopper when needed. Josep sets it up and it runs. It is that simple. As Vitrosep's distributor, IGE Glass Technologies is only a phone call away and always ready to help.