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Consumables, additives and spare parts

VITROSEP supply a complete range of consumables, additives and spare parts to guarantee the better performance of the glass particle separator. Here you will also find the spare parts that your system should need.


In this section, you will find the VITROSEP consumables designed to obtain the maximum performance of your glass particle separator.


VITROBAC is the family brand name of filtration coadyuvants suited for the VITROSEP process. The separator performance is significantly increased by their use.


VITROCOOL is the family brand name of coolants for the glass working equipment.

The use of VITROCOOL coolant improves edging quality, increases the cooling properties of water, facilitates the particle transport and protects the machines from corrosion.


VITROTEC is a powerful biocide for corrective action in case of contamination of water of VITROSEP tank.

Spare parts

Please find the spare parts for you system VITROSEP available on request. If you don’t find the item you are searching or need more information, please contact with us.

Upgrade your VITROSEP system

You can find, in this section, upgrades to improve the performance and features of your system.

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