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Glass particle separators

The VITROSEP system is build around the glass particle separator.

After the initial centrifugation systems the model CC21 was the first system developed with the present technology. The CC21 separator was intended for small applications. The centralized installation concept requires bigger capacity units. The model CC33 with 3 candles and capable to supply water with the quality required for the cooling of the spindle of CNC machines was the first response to this need. Later we developed the model CN140 for large plants and machinery needing more coolant flow, with a four-fold capacity of the CC33.

At Glasstec 2008 the model CN280 was exhibit. This glass particle separator with a capacity double of the CN140 is intended for large industries, i.e. for the automotive sector.

On 2009 appeared the CC23, which is an actualization of the CC21 with new technology and more capacity.

From 2010 all VITROSEP equipment is fitted with the hardware suited to the remote access for control, maintenance, software actualization and troubleshooting. All versions 600 are prepared to further incorporation of extra clean water supply to the spindle of CNC machines.

CC23 Grinding workshops

The CC23 separator is a result of the evolution of the early CC21.

CC33 Mid-size factories

The veteran separator CC33 since years has been the solution for the treatment of grinding waste water in mid-size factories.

CN140 Big factories

The separator CN140 is now the preferred model of Vitrosep costumers.

CN280 High productions

The separator CN280 is the higher capacity model of Vitrosep catalog.

Water distribution Pumps and controls

VITROSEP can furnish all items required for the water supply to the edging and bevelling machines.

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